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European Mountain Trails

Published on 2024-09-30

The European mountain trailsThe prefecture of Florina is the entrance for two of the largest European mountain trails, the E4 and E6, which cross all three cultural parks. The E4 trail begins at the Pyrenees, passes The Alps, and crossing the former Yugoslavia, enter Greece through the outpost of Niki in Florina and ends in Cape Tainaro. In the region of Florina, the trail crosses the mountains Varnountas
Horse Riding

Published on 2014-09-24

Outdoor ActivitiesOutdoor activities take place in various parts of the Prefecture, as:Boating by visiting the hermitages and caves, used by hermits before 500 to 1000 years based on the Community Psarades.Horse Riding in Variko, Horse Riding School "Vernon", TELEPHONE: 6977295283 Alexandra ZournatziHorse Riding, Community Nimphaion, TELEPHONE: 6972315546 Konstantinos BonteHorse Riding, Vigla Pissoderi,


Agios Germanos
Agios Germanos is a mountainous village in the prefecture of Florina. It's located near the borders of Greece and FYROM over the Prespa Lake, at an altitude of 1,040 meters. The village is 48 km from Florina and 54 km from Kastoria.Agios Germanos belongs to the municipality of Prespa and its population according to 2001 census is 231 residents. The main occupations are agriculture, livestock and tourism.
Agios Panteleimonas
Agios Panteleimonas is located in Florina and belongs to the municipality of Amyntaio. It is one of the prettiest villages in Macedonia and is on the borders of the prefectures of Florina and Pella, just 6 kilometers northeast of Amyntaio.The village of Agios Panteleimonas built in a privileged position between the lakes Vegoritida and Petron, linked, throughout the history, the productive activity
Amyntaio is a town of the prefecture of Florina and is located only 33 km from the town of Florina. Administratively, Amyntaio belongs to the homonymous municipality of Amyntaio and according to the 2001 census has a population of 3636 inhabitants. The lakes Vegoritida and Petron are important wetlands that attract many travelers. Therefore, in Amyntaio are created many tourist points such as hotels,
Florina City
Florina is the capital of the homonymous prefecture and is the northwestern border of Greece. It is situated in a lush landscape, which crosses the Sakoulevas River. On the river you can admire the famous architecture of Macedonia through the traditional mansions. The cultural activity of the city is rich. In Florina operates numerous museums such as the archeological, folklore, contemporary art gallery,
The village Nymfaio is designated as "preserved traditional village" and belongs to the prefecture of Florina. It is built in 1.320-1405 meters in the eastern Vitsi.Nymfaio is surrounded by a beech forest and crossed by paved paths and stone houses. During recent years the contribution of important persons from the village, as its president Nikolaos Mertzos and Boutari family has been a remarkable
Sklithro belongs to the Municipality of Aetos, Florina. It is one of the oldest villages in the area (1300AC) and is located at an altitude of 650 meters. The village is surrounded by green hills with lush vegetation and crossed by two streams. The population of the village today is 450 residents. Sklithro is a purely agricultural and livestock village. In Sklithro are grown the famous potatoes of